Submit a Design for Sound/Custom Design

If you would like to get a design for use on our clothing, we offer you name attribution on it plus at least 2x items (2 different colors) delivered with your design. Depending on detail of the design we can be flexible on the reward. If you would like any more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

 Custom Design 

You can have your own custom design printed on our branded shirt in our dedicated studio. We can also order clothing from different ethical brands if you contact us. We will work with you to make sure the graphic is ''sharp'' and perfect for a good print, It will take us one week to make your silk screen and print on your clothing using our earth friendly practices. We will send you photos to see what's happening! 

You have space on one screen to fit 1 -3 designs (total area 30cm/11.8 inches X 40cm/15.8 inches) This can then be printed on as many items as you like using the same eco process as all of our clothing . We do offer a discount on the clothing but it all depends on design size and amount of t-shirts etc, best contact us for a quote. 

Please note we only use 1 color for ethical purposes, example a 4 color print would dirty 4x the amount of equipment in ink and use 4x more water with times the amount of water to to clean and treat.