A SOUND Choice...

For SOUND we push the boundaries of earth friendly clothing, combining certified 100% organic, fair trade cotton with environmentally friendly water-based inks and ethical screen printing practices in our dedicated earth friendly print studio. Sound Clothing is your feel-good alternative to modern fashion for the ethical music producer, DJ, party-goer or musical soul.

Ethical Fashion

We produce small amounts in our screen printing studio, using premium eco-friendly, non-toxic workshop “chemicals” (made in the USA from soybean). We use more lengthy alternative earth-friendly practices to avoid electricity, water, air, heat fixing and waste issues found in conventional print studios.

New Design for Men

New design, earth friendly screen printing, ethical streetwear, festival fashion, organic, fairtrade

Pollution is a design choice

• 100% organic cotton 

• Fair Trade Certified

• Environmentally friendly non harmful "chemicals" made from soybean

• Hand printed in the Czech Republic

• Recycled print shop waste

• Energy efficient, 75%+ energy saved

• Water based ink and no chemical additives

• No plastic. Eco packaging, please recycle