A SOUND Choice...

Inspired by London’s urban music culture, Sound Clothing is the choice for the ethically conscious, stylish and musical individual. Headed by a London musician living in Czech Republic and run with his musical family. Sound pushes the boundaries of earth friendly clothing, combining our favourite certified 100% organic, fair trade cotton with environmentally friendly water-based inks and eco-friendly printing practices.  We produce small amounts (30-40 a week) in our dedicated sustainable screen print studio in the Czech Republic, using premium eco-friendly, non-toxic workshop “chemicals” (made in the USA from soybean) and alternative earth-friendly practices to avoid electricity, water, air, heat and waste issues. Plus with every order we plant a tree to cover the debt of shipping/transit and beyond. Sound Clothing is your feel-good alternative to modern fashion for DJs, Producers or festival clothing for musical souls like us.

Pollution is a design choice

• 100% organic cotton

• Fair Trade cotton and production

• PETA certified, no animal use/vegan

• Environmentally friendly non harmful "chemicals"

• Hand printed in the Czech Republic

• Recycled print shop waste

• Waste water treatment over 6-7 days

• Energy efficient, 75-80% energy saved

• Water based ink and soybean alternatives

• We plant trees to compensate transit

• No plastic. Eco packaging, please recycle