Sound Clothing is a family business headed by Scott Harrison from London England, his wife Kate (Customer service and logistics) and help from Jack (online sales), Scott's youngest brother. We set up print studio and office just outside of Brno, Czech Republic's second largest city. 
It is our mission and passion to provide 100% earth friendly clothing with no bullshit or cutting corners and spreading awareness of feel good clothing in a very dirty industry. We put in the extra time and produce small amounts to make sure you, our friends and us get clothing that has had real time and love spent on it...from something special, a sustainable, clean, ethical source.
Scott being a producer/musician and a creative in mixed arts and medias started printing musical designs on clothing in 2014 primarily with fellow friends/music producers and himself in mind. He confidently took on the brand project after screen printing at art school and started experimenting, testing products from around the world and generally having creative fun. While doing so he witnessed unethical printing practices of so called “eco brands” he had been a fan of, which then led to us going green and converting our print shop to earth friendly. Every step Scott has taken in the last few years has been tried, tested, challenged and improved with the help of other screen printing professionals from the UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic and Australia.
Thank you for being a part of SOUND!
Katerina, Scott & Jack 



We take pride in controlling our processes. 


No extra chemical use. Our print studio is in a converted barn next to a stream and we keep it very humid, a perfect environment for working with water-based ink with no need for additional chemicals to stop it from drying. We don't use any added ink chemicals to help ink fixing as we let it dry naturally. We don’t use aerosol adhesives to stick clothing to it’s printing platten 
ethical fashion
We do not use any heavy machinery or chemicals with our inks for drying or fixing help. We let it dry naturally for a couple of nights, and heat fix them in less than 20 seconds rather than 4 mins saving well over 75% energy across the board.
Ethical fashion, organic cotton. sustainable, fair trade
Sadly, although being earth friendly, our non toxic water-based inks still contain micro colour pigments, binders and thickeners. Avoiding electricity we filter our ink/washing waste manually using gravity, 1 micron filters and settling over 5-6 days. We then take that micro waste and put it in other design or construction projects, eg, concrete, adding texture to paint.
eco water-based ink, sustainable printing saving energy and water use
Since 2016 we've been ordering and testing premium ethical products from around the world to find what we love and want to use to build our brand. Everything we use in our print studio is earth friendly. We use soybean products from Franmar for the agressive jobs. We use normal washing up liquid to clean up. Our awesome ink is made by Permaset.
Our clothing is from Stanley & Stella in Belgium, who provides clothing to printers/brands like us. 90% of the organic cotton is grown in Bangladesh under strict controlled conditions. They are certified by the Fair Wear Foundation and make sure all workers are paid fairly and no unethical foul play takes place in the working environment. See below for more ethical certifications.
Ethical fashion, organic cotton, fair trade, festival fashion
We get our stock through "Merch You" autorizhised Czech/Slovak sustainable textile & printing company who fabricates and labels our clothing Before heading down the road to our print studio outside of Brno.

Merch You, sustainable printing fashion, organic cotton, fair trade

  We print on Fair Wear Foundation certified clothing.



The Clothing we print on is made by Belgian company Stanley and Stella with 90% of cotton being grown in Bangladesh under stricht fair trade conditions.



We get our stock through a sustainable Czech authorized Stanley & Stella dealer who fabricates and labels our clothing, before heading to our eco print-shop.




We use Franmar products from the USA in our print shop which are soybean based eco alternatives to harmful/toxic print shop chemicals.



Clothing/textile we print on has been certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)



We print on textile that has been certified by OEKO TEX (free from harmful substances)



Clothing we print on has been certified by PETA, fighting cruelty towards animals and demanding vegan living.