Custom Sound Diffusers - Zvukové difuzory na míru.

I build custom sound diffusers in the Czech Republic for music studios, gaming and podcast rooms and for general interior design. I can also build custom music producer desks and units but they are for pick up only in CZ.


What are sound diffusers?
The sound diffuser breaks down the sound waves and eliminates "rattle echos". It brightens the natural sound in the room from the source while giving a more "dead" sound in the room. The irregular surface helps to scatter sounds in different bandwidth


I can build custom to your likes. As an example of  the pair pictured below. They are 130cm x 45cm x 10cm with a price of 400 Euros for the pair. First of all, the plywood base and hanging frame is securely fitted, which includes a groove for hanging. The blocks are carefully hand crafted and have been painted with a non toxic, environmentally friendly water based paint. The blocks are then glued in place for the design. The glue is extremely strong, stronger than the wood itself. Then finishing details which include rubber pads for soft contact against the wall. About 30+ hours were spent on these two below over two weeks.


Ready for your sound diffuser(s)?
If you send an email we can discuss design, colour size etc and you can receive a quote. A non refundable deposit is required for work to start when the project is agreed. Once paid, work will start with a pre-agreed timescale. When finished, pictures will be sent for approval and the remaining cost can be paid.
They can then be picked up or delivered by courier at your expense which will also include durable custom packaging. Some extreme designs can not be sent and must be picked up.


Thank you for time and I hope to hear from you.



Sound diffuse wide


Sound - accoustic diffuser
 Sound diffuser side
 Sound diffuser attachment
 Sound before